Silver Calla lily Candle Holder for Sale

You want to add some touch to your indoor and outdoor décor? Then grab some silver calla lily candle holder from the online stores. The candle holder is quite impressive in size as well as in design and with no doubt, it’ll add an artful touch of class to your home décor or table setting. You can use them on a dining table or buffet table for entertainment as they are very striking as a standalone light sculpture.

Silver calla lily candle holder features slender silver spires and leaves surrounding delicate frosted lily blooms. It is well made with a silver brushed finish. However, if you want to change the silver metal color to fit with your own décor or your own theme it is simple as you can simply repaint it with the color of your choice. They are much more than just candle holder as they form a beautiful metal sculpture work of art.

The candle holder is delicate, yes, but the beauty in it cannot hold you back from buying one. The only thing you need to do is handle it with care. If you have only seen it when it is not lit, then you have no idea of the beauty we are talking about. It is an amazing piece.